How strong is the Magloc?

The Magloc is made from glass reinforced nylon and is very tough. It is recommended for dogs that weigh up to 40kg and has been independently tested to withstand a 60kg static load, according to British Standards.

How does the Magloc work?

There are two parts to a Magloc. The small black connector that stays on the dog’s collar and the main unit that stays on the lead. When introduced to each other very strong magnets pull the two parts together and a mechanical connection is made.

 How strong are the magnets?

The magnets are strong enough to attract the two halves of each Magloc together but once connected they do not hold the Magloc together, this is done by two very strong claws inside the main unit. They grip the small black connector and due to the design the harder the pull, the stronger they grip!

How do I attach my Magloc to my dog collar and lead?

The Magloc has been designed to attach to the collar and lead simply and securely. There is a video guide here (link to YouTube) and instructions will be provided with each order. The main unit has a simple moulded loop to connect to a standard P-Clip type connector and the small black collar connector has a wire loop, similar to a key ring, but much stronger.

How do I release my dog once it is connected?

There are two black tabs on the main unit. With a gentle squeeze you can simply pull the main unit away, against the pull of the magnets. This is very handy for a dog that is eager to get away when compared to traditional P-Clips that are hard to release when being pulled.

Can I use a Magloc with an extendable lead?

The Magloc can withstand a load of 60kgs.  Large dogs running at speed to the end of an extendable lead could potentially produce a jolt that would exceed this load.  We therefore do not recommend using a Magloc with an extendable lead for large dogs.  Dogs of up to 15kgs in weight should be fine with a magloc attached to their extendable lead and several customers are using them in this way every day.

I've lost my collar connector or need additional connectors

No problem.  Just click (Buy Now) and you can purchase these separately


Orders are shipped using Royal Mail 1st Class Post.  We aim to get every package into the postal system within 12 hours of the order being placed.

Other Questions?

No problem.  Just drop us an email on customercare@magloc.co.uk and we'll be very happy to help

Other applications for Magloc? If you would like to share your suggestion for a new application for Magloc then please email us at idea@magloc.co.uk